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Monitoring and tracking platform that optimizes your wellness and supplement routine.

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What We're Building gives enterprise the ability to leverage their customers digital health data to track and decode how their products impact physiological and psychological health.

Using consumer-generated physiological and behavioral metrics collected through existing integrated digital tools such as wearable devices, fitness & social apps and genetic/lab services to extrapolate the mechanistic relationship that dietary and environmental variables have on a user's health outcomes. Using known and novel digital biomarkers to develop unique digitally phenotypic signatures, the platform introduces a novel and quantitative method for measuring and validating the efficacy of product offerings in the health & wellness industry.

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Pramod Dabir
Founder, CEO at @West Agile Labs. Founder @Boutine. Past: growth equity investor @TA Associates and investment banker @Goldman Sachs. Graduated in EE from UIUC.
S. Owais Ahmad
Founder, President of West Agile Labs. Seasoned investor, restructuring, turn-around, strategy and growth. Build Digital Product for people. Indocti Discant