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1-10 Employees · $1M Seed in 2013 ·
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We are a 500startups accelerator alumni / funded startup just before it breaks through. Now is the time to join and be a part of a small creative team before they make it big :)   Read More...

We are a 500startups accelerator alumni / funded startup just before it breaks through. Now is the time to join and be a part of a small creative team before they make it big :)

We solve a very tough problem - monetizing open-source. We want to make open-source successes like MySQL and Magento reproducible for every developer. If you want to help make that happen, get in touch.

Note: Please leave a personal message about which position you are interested in and why you would be a good fit for that position and for Binpress. Please be more specific than "I like what you are doing" - if your background is different than the stated requirements, please help us understand how you are relevant for the position.

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Which Position?

We are the marketplace for free and commercial open-source code. We provide a platform for developers to build profitable businesses from releasing and working on their own code. We connect those developers with businesses and entreprenuers who
wish to build software products with open-source code.

We provide the commercial layer to the long-tail of open-source, providing open-source developers with the options that made MySQL and RedHat huge open-source businesses. We provide licensing, marketing, sales, payment processing, support and ticketing system and a custom services system - everything an open-source project needs to run like a professional and sustainable business.

We were bootstrapped and profitable before joining 500startups accelerator in the summer of 2013.

Open Source
500 Startups Spring 2013
E-Commerce Platforms
Developer Tools
Binpress Jobs : Screenshot
Binpress Jobs : Screenshot
Binpress Jobs : Screenshot
Eran Galperin
CTO & co-founder @ @Binpress. Previously founded @Octabox, @Readtwit, @Lionite. B.Sc Physics TAU, Software engineer, copywriter, UI/UX specialist.
Adam Benayoun
CEO & co-founder at @Binpress, @500 Startups, Formerly @Lionite, @Octabox. Animation at Minshar School of Arts. Strong UI/UX & Design. Sales & Marketing drone.
Mimi Zheng
Formerly @Binpress (@500+ Startups batch 6) @ScriptRock & @Rockies Venture Club  
Mohit Deshpande
Intern at @Binpress. Instructor at @Udemy. Researcher at @Air Force Research Labs . @Android and @iOS Developer. CSE Student at @Ohio State University
Alexis Santos
Content at @Binpress (@500+ Startups batch 6), Contributing Editor @Engadget • Studied at @New College Of Florida
Tomáš Jeřábek
UI/UX designer from the Czech Republic.


Tak Miyata
Tak Miyata
Founder of Scrum Ventures, early stage-focused fund. Serial entrepreneur background ( J-Magic(mobile), Neven Vision(software))
500 Startups, Bullpen Capital, Binpress, dennoo, Love With Food, LeadGenius, Le Tote, SharePractice, Panna,, Kidaptive, Pantry, FocusMotion, Lob, First Opinion, Spire, Prizeo, Aarki, Noom, Cinder, Boostable, Altitude Co., GoSkip, Chobolabs, ThinAir
Anh Le
Anh Le
Senior analyst @ChinaRock Capital Management covering TMT, Business Services, Consumer, and Healthcare
PrintMo by Keen, Binpress, Whitetruffle, Xola, SendHub, Hubba, Geekatoo, Koemei, HD Trade Services, Arrayent, LeadGenius, PredictionIO, SharePractice, Coffee Meets Bagel, 42, PeopleGraph, Strikingly, Folsom Labs, Tylr Mobile, Airpost, Camperoo, EquityZen, Iterable, everstring, Watchsend,, BitAccess, Farm Hill, Shift Payments
Scrum Ventures
We invest in early stage startups in mobile sector and help their expansion to Asia.
Binpress, Love With Food, Vidpresso, LeadGenius, Le Tote, SharePractice, Panna,, Placemeter, Kidaptive, Pantry, Tylr Mobile, FocusMotion, Lob, First Opinion, Spire, Prizeo, Aarki, Cinder, Boostable, Altitude Co., LivBlends, Chariot, GoSkip, Audacy, Chobolabs,
Halle Tecco + Jeff Hammerbacher
Binpress, Upverter, Kaggle, Locu, Chartio, Memrise, Locality, Experiment, Aardvark, RentJuice, Panjiva, CardSpring, Kill Screen Media, Genome Compiler, Science Exchange, Lookflow, Cambrian Genomics, Transcriptic, DIY, Statwing, pymetrics, Misfit, DataRobot, Casetext, Building Robotics, Avidbots, Perlstein Lab PBC, Scout RFP, Endaga, Doctor On Demand, Bonafide, Spurd, Amino, Pilot, RStudio, GitBook, Orphidia, Epinomics, Snowe, Chai, Percolata, SkipFlag, Cockroach Labs
Venture capital online (YC S12)
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Parker Thompson
Parker Thompson
Partner @AngelList. Partner @500 Startups. Code+BD @Pivotal Labs. Code @Placesite. Hoarding data @Internet Archive. Digital copyright stuff @UC Berkeley iSchool.
500 Startups, Binpress, TradeHill, Geekatoo, Keen IO, Cityblis, HomeLight, Zoomforth, Impact Dialing, Le Tote, PredictionIO, Wiser, Mayvenn, Reesio, LaunchTrack, Social Tables, Primeloop,, SkyGiraffe, ViralGains, OLSET, PeopleGraph, Promolta, TRDATA, StudySoup, Hatch, Partender, Sidelines, AuditFile, BidAway, Greentoe, RealtyShares, Merchbar, Algolia, Whale Path, Breather, Holidog, AirPair, CareLuLu, Vizalytics Technology, BOXC, Iterable, VenueSpot, SMITH,, PocketVideo, BacklotCars, Thinknum, Sales Beach, myTips, Doorman, Shippo, BTCjam, LendSquare, FameBit, Revivn, Whim, ALLDAY, Simmr, Ohmconnect, SimplyInsight, Surefield, Venzee, Remoov, Rover,, Gymtrack, Lish, Allay, AcceptOn
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