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Bigstream is working on a software platform to hyper-accelerate big data technologies like Spark, Kafka, Presto and TensorFlow. We are achieving speedups of 2x - 20x using autonomous software and hardware accelerators. Think advanced compiler technology and FPGA/GPU acceleration - while requiring ZERO code changes. Read More
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By joining the Bigstream team, you are entering a world of cutting edge development and innovation, where you will get both encouragement and guidance as well as a free hand to solve tough technical problems using good design and your personal inspiration. As a member of a well-funded early stage startup you will receive an equity share and market rate salary, as well as good food, rocking coffee, company outings and freedom to be yourself. And, of course, medical and 401k benefits too.


- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering required
- Master's degree preferred
- 2+ years of experience working with C programming language and Linux operating system
- Solid understanding of Operating Systems in general is required
- Solid C/C++ development and debugging skills in Linux operating environments is required
- Solid multi-thread programming skills is required
- Solid understanding of Linux kernel architecture, kernel subsystems, and device model is required
- Experience with Linux device drivers would be highly preferred
- Experience with PCI device drivers, protocol stack drivers (eg. TCP/IP, UDP/IP) and user-mode networking preferred
- Experience with virtualization technologies such as KVM, SR-IOV, Intel VT-d preferred
- Experience with continuous integration workflow and tools preferred
- Good verbal and written communication skills is required

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What We're Building

For AI and Big Data application developers, Bigstream's hyper-acceleration provides dataflow run-time software that executes existing data processing platforms on top of next-generation compute systems in a seamless manner. Unlike hardware- and/or platform-specific alternatives, Bigstream offers the highest level of performance instantly with no application changes or loss of API programmatic access.

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