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Hong Kong, Taipei, New York City · Full Time
8 Years 200 Clients 7 Offices 100 million USD Ad spend per year Read More
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Job Description

The Digital Specialist is responsible for executing and implementing the campaigns for a roster of strategic clients across SEO and Biddable Media.

• Executes strategic plans developed by Media Analysts to improve paid search campaign performance or a roster of clients with scheduled deliverables and documented progress
• SEO Implementation and technical audits. (if applicable)
• Assists in building all Biddable Media tactics such as campaign architecture, keyword development, ad copy writing, tracking/analytics, testing and optimization
• Tracks and manages budget spending and campaign performance for client roster on a daily basis
• Interprets weekly analytical reports, with specific optimization suggestions to improve campaigns’ performance for Media Analyst’s reviews and approvals
• Implement daily media operations to enhance the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
• Maintain a sound understanding of client and agency opportunity costs and growth opportunities
• Contributes to client presentations and meetings when necessary
• Support and research external Business Development and Marketing initiatives such as sales pitches, case studies, corporate blog, etc.
• Assists in brainstorming upselling strategies, establishing processes and enhancing communications within client Account teams
• Maintains strong relationships with all search engine and technology vendor teams
• Builds expertise in utilizing all advertising platforms and vendor technology with passing certification programs

Job Qualifications
• 1+ year experience working in interactive media is preferred (prior experience at a search engine or interactive advertising agency will be strongly considered) Proven Passion in the Digital Marketing Industry, including SEM, SEO, Social Media, etc.
• Proven Passions in the Digital Marketing Industry, including SEM, SEO, Social Media, etc.
• Basic understanding of Online Marketing or SEM industry is a plus
• Process oriented, with the ability to multi-task – time management skills are critical
• Strong communication skills, including ability to facilitate negotiations in complex situations
• Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
• Excellent quantitative analysis skills


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Global Digital Agency
With locations across five continents, Beyond Media Global (BMG) is a Full-Service Digital Agency powered by leading edge technology. Our goal is to create personalized experiences that drive results across all Digital Marketing Channels. We enable brands to create their Digital Future in pay-for-click marketing, content optimization, innovation, enterprise development, and social media marketing. We are the leader in all categories we operate in.




Google All Star Winner (2015)
Google Premier Partner (2016)
Growing Business Online Award Shortlist 2017)
Yelp Official Agency (2017)
IAB (2018)

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