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What We're Building

BetterUP is the first mobile platform that provides evidence-based personalized coaching to boost your confidence and performance at work. We like to think of it as “executive coaching for everyone.” The app provides 1-on-1 coaching and bite-sized learning to build personal and professional skills like managing stress, increasing concentration, engaging with peers, and honing your competitive advantage.

As Millennials increasingly enter the workplace, the demand for coaching will continue to grow. They are the most stressed generation and are not receiving the support they want. Over 75% of Millennials wish their manager was more of a coach. They are seeking coaching that's proven, affordable, and optimized for their busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

We teamed up with behavioral scientists, psychologists, health experts, Navy SEALs, Olympic medalists, and executives to pioneer a new breed of business coaching, one rooted in evidence-based science that is highly accessible.

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Jobs at BetterUp

BetterUp Team

Alexi Robichaux
Cofounder at BetterUp • Former Head of Product & Design @Socialcast (acquired by @VMware) • Education nut and cofounder of Youth Leadership America.
Eddie Medina
Cofounder I BetterUp • Former @Education Pioneers • Previously @Bain
Ross Feller
Entrepreneurial product leader. Engineering @Harvard '05, @Stanford '10. Born in the Catskills, at home in the mountains.
Susan Hwang
Head of People at BetterUp. Specialize in early stage growth & ops. Previously 1st employee at startup and Microsoft PM. MIT EE undergrad and masters.
Lars Klevan
Full stack engineer at BetterUp. Formerly co-founder of Awesome AI, Slack bot. Lead Engineer at Socialcast (acquired by VMware).
Kasey Hickey
I help brands cultivate their voice and tell great stories. Currently: BetterUp Formerly: Asana, freelance (Shyp), Evernote
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What is your office environment like?
Our Office environment is very fluid. As a company we are in and out of collaborative spaces, up and down at our standing desks, really never being still- always pushing the charge. We like to enable our employees to live their lives fully and offer the office as a space to accomplish this. Employees are casual yet considerate in their dress and manner, wether they have come into the office for a quick boxing lesson or to map out an upcoming launch.
Lily Roosevelt
Office Manager at BetterUp
What makes BetterUp a unique place to work?
Culture, culture, culture, everyone says that their company is unique because of its culture. Well, at BetterUp it's the culture and that's the truth. In our particular situation, you couldn't get more meta. We provide access to Coaches who help companies work to improve their company by improving their employees. We give people opportunities to self reflect and improve on their behaviors within their space, to improve their working relationships, to improve their Standard of Working- it's like Standard of Living- get it? And all the while, we too have access to these Coaches, we too work everyday to make our Standard of Working better than ever before. We BetterUp every day. We live our culture.
Lily Roosevelt
Office Manager at BetterUp

BetterUp Investors

Joe Greenstein
Rachel Sheinbein's husband
Anand Swaminathan
(1) Director, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company; (2) Angel investor in and adviser to early/growth stage companies.
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