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San Francisco · Full Time

Dealing with health insurance companies is a nightmare. Sick patients have to fax and mail bills to their insurance and spend countless hours on the phone fighting to get back the money they are owed. The US spends over $1 trillion on healthcare administration each year, yet the burden is always on the patient to fix things when they go wrong. Patients end up forgoing care or losing money because they can’t navigate this unnecessarily complex system. We're solving this problem.

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Job Description

Better is an app that helps patients get money back from their health insurance for any type of out-of-network care including therapy, psychiatry, acupuncture, and fertility treatment. If you want to fix our broken healthcare system and thrive in a results-driven environment, come work with us! We're building a diverse team of hardworking self-starters, who value communication, and enjoy rapid growth at a company that matters. We are a women led startup that values everyone's voice.

About the Role:

You will build the foundation of our customer success team at Better. You will be able to balance creating systems and processing with expertly answering user support emails. You will care about timeliness, accuracy, and compassionate communication. You understand that health insurance is complicated and will always respond with empathy in every situation. You would never provide incorrect information to individuals struggling with their health.

About You:

You have experience in customer success and are excited to build out a team. You always enjoy the details and don't shy away from doing the day to day work yourself. You have an equal balance of appreciation for process, tools, and structure. You are passionate about fixing healthcare and enjoy making a difference in peoples lives.

Familiarity with HelpScout, Send Grid, NPS, analytics tools, our health insurance system, and the basics of medical billing and coding.

BS or greater degree, 5+ years experience working in customer success in healthtech, or comparable startup experience.

At Better you will:

- Create delightful processes for world class support
- Route and respond to customer inquiries
- Provide feedback to engineering and growth teams to reduce support load
- Design and implement analytics systems for tracking performance
- Passion for customer satisfaction and drive to go the extra mile
- Be able to meet customers where their are and empathize with their needs
- Build out a stellar team to support our rapid growth

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What We're Building

Better is an app that helps you get paid back by your health insurance for therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and other out-of-network medical bills.

We are a small team of passionate individuals working to fix healthcare one claim at a time.

Join us and help make healthcare simple!

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