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It’s hard not to be excited about mortgages when you’re actively upending the conventions of a $13 trillion dollar business that impacts over 200 million Americans. Read More

What We're Building

Better uses technology to remove the friction and inefficiencies in the traditional mortgage process (something that costs American homeowners $300 billion a year in excess costs, commissions, and interest). Better’s platform moves the mortgage process completely online and makes intelligent recommendations on the right type of mortgage products for their customers. The platform also creates time and cost efficiencies, which Better passes directly back to the consumers, resulting in low rates and closing in as little as 14 days -- 10 days faster than the industry average!

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Jobs at Better

Better Team

Vishal Garg
Founder+CEO@better- digital homefinance co. Founder@1/0 Capital. Co-Founder@FutureFinance, Co-Founder,Chariman@Climb, Chairman@Phoenix Founder@myrichuncle,
Michele Martone
Love building teams and new technology in startups. Focus on quality. Enjoy living in Manhattan.
Hardik Gupta
Strategic partnerships @Better • Prior experience @BlackRock and @Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) • Undergrad @University of Pennsylvania
Arlana Agiliga
People Ops @1/0 Capital @Better @Climb Credit @TheNumber
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