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What I Do

Ben Way is a best selling author, leading futurologist, technologist, inventor, and entrepreneur.


With over twenty years of experience in technology and innovation, Ben has travelled the world seeking out and developing new technologies. As a leading voice on the challenges and benefits of tomorrow’s technology, he has advised some of the world’s leading institutions, including the White House, regarding technological preparations for the future. He is the recipient of the millennium entrepreneur of the year award and has appeared on numerous technology and philanthropy television programs.

Lucian Tarnowski
Founder @bravenewtalent The Enterprise Knowledge Sharing platform. Young Global Leader (YGL) at World Economic Forum.
David Greenbaum
Team member of @boostctr.
Hermione Way
Founder @ignite-wellness, @newspepper-ltd
Leo Patching
Founder @flexicell, @ventia, Invested in @dt3 (sold to IP Solutions), worked at @MLSGroupPlc
Justin Harris
VP, Investments@Wells Fargo, SVP@HSBC, VP@Morgan Stanley, Head of PC Trading@HiFX, Advisor@Beauty Army, Advisor@Freetricity, Advisor@Twhodo, Advisor@Mizublue