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What We're Building

benja is the first true merchandise ad network. We work with top brands like Ray Ban and leverage unique user experiences to help sell their merchandise.

Our consumer app, benjamin: sixty-second deals, gives the user two things: discounts on the products that they love, and sixty seconds to decide whether to buy or pass. Think Tinder/Snapchat meets personalized shopping.

We extend our reach into desktop via a patent-pending, proprietary ad format called Benji. Benji is an interactive advertisement which enables a full e-commerce experience without leaving the page that you're on. We believe this to be the new standard for e-commerce display advertising.

We're leveraging social data and breathing life into the deal world with a business model that is disruptive for this space. Rather than taking a margin-crushing commission, we leverage our user experience to charge by the impression. This CPM model has attracted unprecedented vendor buy-in.

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Ben Adams
Co-Founder/Creative Director @benja
Andrew J. Chapin
Co-Founder, benja
Tommy Goode
Startup tech pro. Generalist who is comfortable managing servers, writing iOS apps, and everything in between.
Corrine LaDrig
eCommerce Marketing Genius; Gator Alumna; Dog lover;Worked at eBay, PayPal, and NetApp.
Margaret Zonay
BA from Emmanuel College; Marketing intern at benjamin app; Experience in retail, clinical psychology, marketing, higher ed.

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