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Benchling was started by a group of software engineers with molecular and computational biology experience. Many of us chose not to pursue paths in science because we were frustrated at how hard it was to work together. We’ve experienced the pain of poorly managed data, irreproducible research, and paper lab notebooks.
Thousands of scientists all around the world use Benchling to do research. Whether they are at the world’s largest companies, the top research universities, or working on a startup in a garage, scientists use Benchling for the same reason: to be empowered, not encumbered, by their tools.

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Job Description

Benchling is a platform for groundbreaking life science research: gene therapy, cellular immunotherapy, synthetic biology, and more. Our mission is to accelerate research and magnify its life-saving impact by bringing modern software to this historically underserved space.

We’re looking for our first technical recruiter to double the size of our engineering team this year (and beyond). You’re a great fit for us if you’re interested in building the foundation of our recruiting culture - defining and implementing best practices, influencing hiring leaders, integrating our values into the recruiting process, etc. - while also keeping a sizable req load and  hiring top engineers.

Here’s what you will do:

* Lead full-cycle recruitment for all engineering hiring in our SF office
* Partner with engineering leads to build out best practices: consistent and delightful candidate experience, role & profile shaping, closing strategies, etc.
* Work with external agencies and partners as needed to amplify your effectiveness
* Strategically build and own a pipeline of exceptional candidates
* As needed, aggressively source passive candidates for tough-to-fill positions and creatively source for niche roles
* Help craft and distribute effective job descriptions to build a compelling pitch for qualified candidates

This should describe you:

* 4+ years of technical recruiting or technical sourcing experience
* 2+ years of in-house recruiting experience, preferred
* Have a technical mindset and love working with engineers
* Have been a part of a scaling organization (and loved it)
* Process-oriented
* People-centric; you take pride in knowing that you are helping people through the next phase of their career and are driven by seeing others succeed in their roles

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What We're Building

Benchling makes life science research faster and more collaborative.

Biotechnology has the potential to solve humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as disease, renewable energy, clean water, and hunger. The brightest minds are working on these problems but they are equipped with archaic tools. We aspire to fix this and increase the rate of scientific output with a platform for researchers to design and run experiments, analyze data, and share results.

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Duke Biomedical Engineering and CS. Experience with computational biology, machine learning, and working in a startup environment.
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What are some of the toughest engineering problems Benchling is facing now?
**CRISPR** CRISPR is a new method of genome editing that is taking the field by storm. Helping scientists design CRISPR requires running analyses on massive genomic datasets very quickly, and creating ways to visualize complex results. See and for examples of engineering problems in CRISPR we’ve recently worked on. **Security infrastructure** We hold mission-critical data for our customers, so security is very important to them. One solution we offer enterprises is a “private cloud”, a deployment that’s isolated from the rest of Benchling at the networking level. We need to find a way to deploy many of these private clouds but keep our infrastructure scalable, maintain the highest level of security, and avoid operational overhead in maintenance. **Extending our product** We’re planning to add support for many biological data types over the next year. We need to model data in our backend such that all types easily support shared operations but rich, type-specific operations are still efficient. We also need to structure our frontend such that it has reusable components (part of why we love React) so we can add new features quickly and maintain a consistent user experience.
Ashutosh Singhal
Founder at Benchling

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Adam Draper
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