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Communications Manager at BeMyApp

San Francisco · Full Time

Niche product, growing market, opportunity to build the sales team and strategy in the US

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Job Description

BeMyApp is hiring a Communications Manager who will bring new digital marketing strategies to expand our developer community and help solidify our place as the leader in digital transformation.

WHO WE ARE: We’re a rapidly growing, multi-faceted agency in the technology space that fosters digital transformation for businesses and organizations. For the past 7 years, BeMyApp has helped more than 300 clients through the execution of tech events and digital strategies.

Our unique business model focuses on connecting companies to their appropriate audiences of developers and entrepreneurs, in ways that enable our clients to innovate faster than their industry competitors. All our services are carefully tailored to fit the needs of each client. One day we’re organizing a hackathon around the future of autonomous vehicles... the next, we’re running 3 simultaneous virtual conferences on AI, Cybersecurity, and IoT.

WHAT WE NEED: We are looking for a high energy self-starter with a balance of both creative and analytical skills to target, engage and expand our developer community through digital marketing channels. As an effective manager, you should be able to communicate your learnings to broaden the knowledge of the communications team. Our ideal candidate must have a passion for digital marketing, a love for testing and exploring ideas, fail-fast and a hunger to learn and grow. This is a hands-on and strategic role that requires someone with a thorough understanding of digital marketing, media buying, web optimization, SEO and web analytics.

WHAT YOU’LL DO: As Communications Manager, you will further our growth and scale our developer community by leveraging your knowledge in digital marketing as well as our knowledge in targeted developer outreach. We have objectives for all our operations, both quantitative and qualitative, and it is your mission to meet them. You will set performance targets, design and execute communication plans, measure engagement and results, and optimize campaigns across platforms. Additionally, as a Manager, you will manage and track the activities and results of 2-3 direct reports. It is your job to help your team reach their objectives by adopting a test & learn approach.

Necessary Skills & Qualifications

Below is a list of skills that we believe are necessary to be successful in this position. Most importantly, we are hiring based on a careful balance of relevant experience, cultural fit, and motivation:

Be a hustler: We can't say this enough. If you don't like to hustle, this position will be a challenge for you. Understand that hustling is not just working hard, it's also working smart. Be a self-starter that’s willing to dive in and do what it takes to get the job done.

Excellent communication skills: Communication is everything. Excellent verbal and written communication is a requirement for this position. You will be responsible for all the content that goes out to promote our operations. In order to be successful, you must be able to regularly communicate amongst your team as well across the organization.

You have an autonomous mindset: You must be able to think for yourself, come up with creative solutions and solve basic problems without help.

Learn fast: You will be trained and mentored for this role as much as you need, but we can’t help you if you don’t take the time to learn what we do. It will be crucial to understand and integrate what you are taught at a fast pace.

A constant drive for excellence: No matter how great you are, this job is going to stretch you and push you very hard. The love of challenges and constant improvement is crucial.

Bonus: If you aren't right for the job, but you know the perfect person, send them this job description. If we hire them, we'll give you a 1k bonus.

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What We're Building

BeMyApp is a digital transformation and developer relations agency. We will:

- ideate, plan and execute your developer events
- scale your developer events and online campaigns
- help you connect with the best developers and startups in the world!

We've produced conferences, hackathons, pop-up incubators, workshops, DevLabs, white-label and remote accelerators globally. BeMyApp has a community of 100,000 developers, startups, mentors and partners.

We are based in San Francisco, Paris, London, Munich, Amsterdam, and Shanghai.

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BeMyApp Team

Cyril Attia
Founder BeMyApp
Vera Glavova
Works at @BeMyApp
Faateh Ali Dhillon
Headed two startups in an emerging economy. Currently engaged in aiding companies in evangelising developers to foster innovation and digital transformation
Karmela Richey
10 years of B2B Sales experience beginning with a Start-up that transformed into a Global Leader. People Manager / Business and Process Developer /Sales Trainer
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