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Agency specializing in developer relations and radical business innovation

Niche product, growing market, opportunity to build the sales team and strategy in the US

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What We're Building

BeMyApp is a digital transformation and developer relations agency. We will:

- ideate, plan and execute your developer events
- scale your developer events and online campaigns
- help you connect with the best developers and startups in the world!

We've produced conferences, hackathons, pop-up incubators, workshops, DevLabs, white-label and remote accelerators globally. BeMyApp has a community of 100,000 developers, startups, mentors and partners.

We are based in San Francisco, Paris, London, Munich, Amsterdam, and Shanghai.

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BeMyApp Team

Cyril Attia
Founder BeMyApp
Vera Glavova
Works at @BeMyApp
Faateh Ali Dhillon
Headed two startups in an emerging economy. Currently engaged in aiding companies in evangelising developers to foster innovation and digital transformation
Karmela Richey
10 years of B2B Sales experience beginning with a Start-up that transformed into a Global Leader. People Manager / Business and Process Developer /Sales Trainer
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