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Online Salon. Controlled Marketplace for Beauticians.

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What We're Building

Online Salon - a Controlled local services marketplace for beauty services at home, office, hotel. No Salon, no employees. Not a listing, but a great tech enabled controlled platform to empower beauticians to reach under-served Customers.

Unlike pure listing companies, Belita is an experience provider and controls all stages (onboarding, training, product, uniform, QC, logistics, customer experience, payments).

Belita is an Uber like model with tech and app enabling the booking-allotment-service-experience, supported by quality control & strong operations.

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Belita Team

Janam shah
Seeking the Business Analyst position in a reputed organization, where my expertise in the domain offers continuous growth and development for the organization.

Belita Investors

Rajeev Krishnan
Early Stage Start ups in the Product Space or in Technology. Companies who can drive change in a market space or technology which can make us more productive.

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