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I am a software engineer, entrepreneur, and cryptocurrency investor. I was one of the first dozen employees at Box, back in 2007. I created the first working Bitcoin debit card in the United States (FreshPay, where we raised $700k as one of the first companies in the space to raise money), but was unable to launch due to the regulatory and banking environment at the time. I've done small angel investments in dozens of companies. I also do quite a bit of cryptocurrency investing. For my day job, I'm the Lead Software Architect at Blockfolio. On the side, I run a private cryptocurrency investment syndicate, and for my personal holdings, what effectively amounts to a personal cryptocurrency index fund (70+ tokens). My direct investments focus on creating value, often high risk and high reward. I'm looking for the potential of 10x-100x investments, and also businesses with high cash flow that can return cost basis quickly and still have room for growth.
I will syndicate deals that I personally invest and are more excited about than my average investment. I hope to syndicate deals for companies that I am an advisor in. I only want to syndicate deals that I view as high quality.
Brandon Goldman
Previously co-founder at @FreshPay. Worked at @Miso Media,
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Brandon is well versed in the world of startups, having worked as an engineer at Box and having founded his own startup Freshpay. He brings enthusiasm and technical knowledge to the table in any situation.
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