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Beast is a modern Management and Strategy Consulting agency for startups and the international venture eco-system.
We turn startups into companies. We accelerate corporate innovation for the enterprise. We're the best and the brightest of a digital generation.

What We're Building

Beast is a global venture studio.

Beast is on the forefront of the dynamic state of global funding and venture development. We embrace the exponential growth in access to capital, abiding by a strict code to build sustainable companies. Beast is leading this paradigm shift in a globalized economy.

We are pioneering a new era and approach to venture capital & alternative finance, from equity-crowdfunding to digital securities, the financing of innovation is undergoing a fundamental change - we work to lead it.

We hunt for Startups in emerging markets.
We adapt to the rise of of alternative Venture Capital
We bridge the gap between the hopes and reality of innovation and investment worldwide.

Beast Ally | Andrew Ochoa - Chief Executive Officer of Waverly Labs
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Jobs at Beast

Beast Team

Bhaargav Kosuri
Jack of all trades, master of a few
Chaoya Li
Product (UX/UI) Designer
Eric Y. Hu
Health Background (Research at a genetics laboratory using biotechnology and volunteering at Hospital), Politics, Business and Finance
Harold Padilla Villa
Design Strategist MS. Strategic Design and Management BS Economics Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup
Meder Mamutov
Fullstack Finance & Strategy
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