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Bear Flag Robotics

Senior Full Stack/Cloud/Platform Developer at Bear Flag Robotics

Sunnyvale, San Francisco Bay Area · Full Time

Bear Flag Robotics is developing autonomous driving and implement control technology for agricultural tractors. Our customers will be able to orchestrate a fleet of autonomous tractors directly from their smartphone or tablet, freeing them from hours of monotonous driving and the high cost of labor to fill tractor seats.

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Job Description

We are changing the agricultural world with autonomy at Bear Flag Robotics. Our team is building a fleet of autonomous farming tractors and is looking for a rockstar developer to join our team to help us architect and build our backend platform and user interfaces. Ideally you have implemented web or mobile applications, have experience with cloud and platform design, and have a passion for IoT/ Robotics/Autonomous Driving applications. You’ll be working with the entire technology stack, including front-end customer facing features, admin tools and backend logic. On the UI side, you’ll be turning wireframes and specifications into functional web pages and applications for our users. Finally, we are looking for someone who can design a system from the ground up with potential and desire to lead a team down the line. If you want play a pivotal role at a seed stage startup working on cutting edge hardware technology with a fantastic team of engineers this could be your dream job.

Compensation will depend on ability.

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What We're Building

Autonomous Farm Tractors

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