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Personal finance automated

We are on a mission to make other people’s lives easier by simplifying and improving their financial lives. We define our culture through curiosity, we learn obsessively and we share freely. We take risks and we challenge the norms. We combine recent discoveries in behavioural psychology with technology to make our products.

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What We're Building

Bean is the simple way to find, track and manage all your bills and subscriptions.

By simply connecting your bank accounts and/or credit cards to our platform, we will identify all your recurring payments, splitting them between subscriptions and bills. Within Bean you can cancel, in one click, any subscription that you no longer want. Bean will then monitor your bills on an ongoing basis and notify you when you have an opportunity to save money, so you never pay more on your bills than you need to.

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Bean Team

Peter Myatt
CEO & Founder of Bean. Former Head of Strategy at Zoopla Property Group.
Jamie Curran
Tech/Product Chap - Founder & CTO @Bean