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Job Description

Our Supply Chain Manager role is your opportunity to join a strong team and show us the "how to's" and "do's" of world class Supply Chain management ( and you also know the don'ts). You will apply your previous experiences with all things supply chain to shepherd our device to manufacturing success.

You will be working with our Engineering, Operations, and Manufacturing teams to define an executable product launch plan. Beaconhome needs you to own the tracking of production status to our launch map and solve launch blockers in real time with all the teams involved in the issues.

You will own this role and be able to 100% drive the process and create successful, on budget, and on time production, while also ensuring coordination in supply & demand, inventory metrics, and a smooth movement of finished goods from factory to warehouse and eventually our awesome and highly appreciated customers.

Your Responsibilities in this role:

Build and maintain accurate demand forecasts, in collaboration with other cross functional stakeholders; develop and manage weekly and quarterly supply plans to limit finished good and raw material liability.

Define schedule requirements for production, based on CM capacity, material readiness/ comprehensive CTB plan, as well as demand plan; maintain updated MPS and communicate out to suppliers to ensure all production efforts are in sync.

Coordinate (project manage) with manufacturing/mechanical engineers, as well as relevant suppliers or CMs, for the swift resolution of any issues regarding supply shortages, quality fall-out at IQC/OQC, and slowdowns due to fixture/tooling issues.

Track manufacturing spend, including fixtures/tooling, components, NRE, line labor and freight/duties/VAT to ensure builds stay on budget and any potential cost savings are realized; help ensure BOM is updated and provide analysis on potential second-sourcing.

Manage inventory planning/control based on expected sell-thru, weeks of supply needs, inbound lead times, 3PL capacity and any relevant inventory goals established by leadership.

Establish fulfillment procedures, including 3PL selection, systems integration (website to ERP to WMS), shipping/installation, as well as a coordinate EFFA plan that can grow into a successful long-term return/refurb process.

Understand team interactions/ motivations, defining problems before they arise. Consider the repercussions of decisions made by one team on other parts of the supply chain.

Report out to Heads of Operations and Hardware on MPS and CTB status, SDM updates on driving towards inventory performance goals, reasons for any movement on production schedules or costs, and any issues that need escalation.

Assist in day-to-day: cutting POs to vendors, invoicing, monitoring weekly reporting from CMs/suppliers, vendor set-up, tracking vendor compliance/KPIs, and establishing logistics for inbound freight from CMs.

This position reports out on standardized metrics to the executive team ensuring timely escalation where issues are not solvable with the working team/CM's/suppliers.

Experiences you bring to Beaconhome:

3 - 5 years of experience in supply chain management for HW devices, preferably consumer electronics products to include mass production.
Start-up experience would be nice.
BA/BS in Business, Operations Management, engineering or equivalent experience
Acceptance and ability to travel internationally 4 - 6 times per year
Experience managing and developing direct reports would be nice to have but not required.

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What We're Building

Funded connected device company creating a new health and wellness device that will change the way people experience their spaces.

We're at the forefront of applying the latest technologies to a challenging problem. Hardware, firmware, Android, RxJava, iOS, Swift, AWS, Deep Learning and more are all on the table and being implemented everyday.

We've identified a major opportunity! It's an ambitious goal and that results in interesting problems to solve and lots of people to help. Working on this project has captured my imagination and we have some great work ahead.
It's super-exciting to be building a product from the ground up that will change how we interact with the physical world around us. We love thinking about solutions to problems using today's technology and the technology that will be the norm 5 years from now. Our core group has worked together for quite some time, and now we're looking for other great minds to join us.
We're working at the frontier of what the home will be in the next 5 years: ambient and ubiquitous computing. Elegant hardware for environmental awareness, powerful machine-learning for decision making, and robust software to make things effortless for our users. It's a pleasure to work with an inspiring group of comrades on hard problems. Come join our crew as we embark on this exciting journey.
Our vision is to enable the IoT experience we all know is possible but others have yet to deliver. I am proud to be a part of this dedicated and creative team. Join us to take a crack at some extremely interesting hardware, firmware, and software challenges.
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