Android Applications SW Engineer - Senior at beaconhome

San Francisco, Austin · Full Time

We are a family of heroes on a journey to improve people’s lives by building devices that seamlessly and naturally integrate technology into our homes.

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Job Description

We are seeking an Lead Android Applications Engineer who will contribute in architecting, writing and deploying mobile applications for Android platforms. The ideal candidate will have experience developing production mobile applications. This position is an integral part of the product development team and will regularly collaborate with the hardware, embedded and server engineering teams. This person will maintain full responsibility for ensuring the mobile applications work reliably as integral component of the overall user experience for our product.


> Architect, design, implement, and maintain native mobile applications used to interact with external hardware

> Write clean, understandable, robust, and sustainable code for mobile platforms

> Negotiate, specify, and document architecture, tools, libraries, and feature requirements with the software team

> Create and write test cases to exercise and validate mobile applications


> 5+ years of software developer experience with 3+ years developing native mobile applications

> Proven track record of shipping software and successfully 
released apps on Google Play Store

> Proficiency in Java and Android SDK

> Demonstrated capability in applying software best practices for development of native mobile applications

> Experience designing and implementing custom APIs to communicate to external hardware or backend services.

Even Better

> Deep understanding of Java/Android application development principles

> Experience with Android NDK and/or JNI

> Experience with Kotlin

> Experience communicating with external devices over technologies such as Bluetooth LE

> Experience with implementing API and full-stack software design

> Experience with cloud-based data collection and software deployment

> High level knowledge of audio recognition systems

> High level knowledge of machine learning principles

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What We're Building

Funded connected device company creating a new health and wellness device that will change the way people experience their spaces.

We're at the forefront of applying the latest technologies to a challenging problem. Hardware, firmware, Android, RxJava, iOS, Swift, AWS, Deep Learning and more are all on the table and being implemented everyday.

We've identified a major opportunity! It's an ambitious goal and that results in interesting problems to solve and lots of people to help. Working on this project has captured my imagination and we have some great work ahead.
Our vision is to enable the IoT experience we all know is possible but others have yet to deliver. I am proud to be a part of this dedicated and creative team. Join us to take a crack at some extremely interesting hardware, firmware, and software challenges.
We're working at the frontier of what the home will be in the next 5 years: ambient and ubiquitous computing. Elegant hardware for environmental awareness, powerful machine-learning for decision making, and robust software to make things effortless for our users. It's a pleasure to work with an inspiring group of comrades on hard problems. Come join our crew as we embark on this exciting journey.
It's super-exciting to be building a product from the ground up that will change how we interact with the physical world around us. We love thinking about solutions to problems using today's technology and the technology that will be the norm 5 years from now. Our core group has worked together for quite some time, and now we're looking for other great minds to join us.
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