Bart Myers

Founder/CEO of Countable. Founder of Consumer Internet background, marketing, revenue, operations and management.

Confirmed Investments · Invests $10k-50k per deal
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What I Do

Too many funded companies fail to reach a market and scale to success. It's upsetting and, in many cases, avoidable. At SideReel, we failed many times, in some fairly creative ways, before we were successful. Valuable lessons that I enjoy sharing with founders in a similar position.


Taking SideReel from 0 users and revenue in 2007 to millions of users and profitability by the end of 2008.

The fact that this was accomplished this with no paid marketing, in the middle of the worst recession since the Great depression, during an online advertising armageddon, and in direct competition to a newly launched Hulu, it seems almost miraculous.

It was achieved through, to use a Grahamism, "relentless resourcefulness"( and a good deal of blood, sweat and luck.