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Nespresso for Cocktails

Growing @ light speed. Featured on Dragon's Den this Fall. Front and centre @ Velocity accelerator. Small, young team. Proven results/traction. Heaps of fun events/cocktail hours:)

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What We're Building

We are liberating the cocktail experience!

Bartesian is a capsule based machine that lets everyone enjoy the authentic cocktail experience in their home. Insert your capsule, select your strength, and Bartesian mixes your perfect homemade cocktail.

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Bartesian Team

Bryan Fedorak
Founder & CEO of Bartesian. Experienced Bartender, Mechanical Engineer (UW), and MBA (WLU)
Ryan Close
Co-Founder & CEO Bartesian

Bartesian Investors

Duncan Turner
General Partner @SOSV MD @HAX Accelerator. Experienced hardware start-up founder and investor, ex-designer @IDEO.
Ryan Close
Co-Founder & CEO Bartesian