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Digital TV Channel that lets Bars & Restaurants make money from commercials

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What We're Building

BanterTV is the first digital TV channel specifically designed to be viewed at bars & restaurants.

Most bars & restaurants already have TV's, but other than showing sports games, they don't get much out of them. Instead of showing a sport anchor on mute or turning their TV off, they can simply switch the channel to BanterTV.

With BanterTV, business owners can do a variety of things to get more value out of their existing TV's, including:
- Show promotions for specials and upcoming events
- Display photos uploaded by customers and staff members
- Get paid from commercials shown on the channel

In addition, business owners can choose a "theme" that will provide them with hours and hours of content that has been designed for audiences at bars & restaurants, such as short 30-90 second videos that don't require sound (e.g. funny prank videos, scenic imagery, top sport plays, etc.).

Throughout this non-repetitive content, our technology will show the promotions, photos and commercials.

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BanterTV Team

Sergio G. Navacerrada Paris
Software Engineer. Hands-on CTO. Five apps on Google Play. Product Manager and experienced team builder
Nadine Gilmer
Senior UI/UX Designer interested in making the world a better place through technology

BanterTV Investors

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