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Make democracy work the way it should. Across the country there are 500,000 local elected officials - help voters hold them accountable and vote informed on every race, every election.

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Right now it’s almost impossible to vote informed on the entire ballot - as a result, most voters guess, leave blanks, or stay home altogether.

We believe that it’s critical to our democracy to help every voter cast an informed vote on every race, every election. That’s why we started BallotReady - a startup that creates digital nonpartisan voter guides and builds tools to help advocacy groups and campaigns inform and mobilize voters, powered by the most comprehensive database to local politics.

Founded in 2015 with funding from the National Science Foundation, the Knight Foundation, and the University of Chicago, BallotReady is now nationwide - in 2018, we covered 94,000 candidates on our platform and reached over 6 million voters in the midterm elections. There are over half a million elected officials in the United States and 96% serve at the local level. Our goal is to transform campaigns and democracy all the way down the ballot.

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Jobs at BallotReady

BallotReady Team

Alex Niemczewski
CEO, Founder @BallotReady • Human-centered design researcher • Studied at @University of Chicago
Michael Saunders
Founded, ( & @Dotmenu) Merged with @GrubHub & Sr Exec through IPO. Now investing and various operational roles with portfolio.

BallotReady Investors

Hannah Davis
Program Manager at Techstars Sustainability Accelerator. Looking to connect with startups and investors working towards a more sustainable future.

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