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San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area, New York City · Full Time
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We are designing products to help millions of people benefit from open economic protocols on a daily basis.

We are looking for someone who cares about crafting incredible apps and helping normal people succeed in the token economy. Our wallet will be the primary interface for dapps and tokens. To start the conversation, please answer these questions concisely:

路 What dragged you down the protocol rabbit hole?
路 What is your favourite dapp and why do you use it?
路 Which of your apps are you most proud of and why?
路 What one feature do you think is missing from other wallets?

We aim to respond within 3 days.

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What We're Building

Balance is a web-based wallet for Ethereum-based tokens. We make it easier for people to buy, store, manage and interact with their ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

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Balance Team

Richard Burton
Buidling @Balance. Worked at @Stripe & @Ethereum

Balance Investors

Jiashu Wang
Engineering @Envoy , formerly Director of Engineering @Shyp, @Zaarly, @Carnegie Mellon University. I make things happen.
Jason Koob
Emergency room physician, medical device entrepreneur, angel investor.
Kyle Ellicott
Founder of @ReadWrite Labs (formerly Wearable IoT World Labs). Creative Director for @Techzulu. Entrepreneur. Start-up Lover. @Codeita. @EVENTup. @ReadWrite
Alec Zopf
CTO at @Wellth. @Next Big Sound alum (acquired by @Pandora). Biomedical engineer by training, data engineer by profession. Northwestern '08
Zack Howitt
Crypto, Travel Tech, & Housing Entrepreneur
Brett Holt
Software Engineer @lyft-1. Full-stack engineer
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