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What We're Building

We integrate best of breed back office tools for accounting and HR into one automated back office platform. This means integrated accounting, HR, payroll, tax, and benefits. Your HireAthena subscription comes with an entire team of certified experts to handle all your back office operations.

Open Positions


Kristen Koh Goldstein
Founder @HireAthena @Scalus @Advisors.fund @Loyalty Lab @AthenaPartners; Early @Epinions (eBay); Investment Analyst @Goldman Sachs and @Credit Suisse
Mark H Goldstein
Fdr, Bad Ass Advisors Mgr Ptr, Advisors.fund Chair Camio HireAthena Fdr ImpulseBuy(Inktomi), BlueLight(Sears) LoyaltyLab(TIBCO) Reality(Reuters)
Levi Thornton
Leading Product Development @HireAthena • Founded Doorbound • Worked at @Backupify • Studied at @University of Pennsylvania
Shala Burroughs
GM, Scalus @ HireAthena
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