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What We're Building

BackerKit is the best way for crowdfunding project creators to manage their backers, help fulfill their campaign on time, and allow them focus on what they love doing—making something awesome!

Jobs at BackerKit

BackerKit Team

Maxwell Salzberg
Founder Diaspora*, BackerKit • Studied at @New York University
Rosanna Yau
Co-founder of BackerKit, CCA Design MFA, Founder of MiniLivestock—Advocating insects as food for human consumption
John Randall
Problem Solver. Full-Stack Developer. Recent General Assembly WDI graduate. Tech and startup lawyer, telecom policy wonk, copyleft advocate and audio engineer.
Simon Taranto
Developer • Worked at @Thoughtbot @Fulbright Scholar, @Ascend Analytics • Studied at @Cornell University
Hannah Manfredi
Helping independent creators make their living through crowdfunding and post-campaigning at BackerKit.
Justin Hannigan
SMB @Twitter. Now helping crowdfunded creators be successful at @BackerKit.
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