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Soft robotics for neonatal healthcare

Working with the innovative leaders in soft-robotics & bionics for game changing health-care devices.

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What We're Building

BABYBE is a Bionic Mattress that keeps mothers and her babies connected through the process of artificial incubation.
We bring haptic information from the mother to the baby on real time, making the environment inside the incubator machine less stressing while giving the mother an active role in the care of her preterm infant.

We do this by collecting the mother´s body signs like heart beat, breathing and voice, through a device installed in the her chest and translates those signals into movement on a Bionic Mattress that emulates the mother chest in all of its nuances.

BABYBE aims to bring the preterm babies out of the incubator machine sooner, involve the mother actively in the care of her baby and, finally, give our customers the strategic advantage .

BAYBE was tested in clinical studies and its a EC market Class I Medical Device.

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Camilo Andrés Anabalón Alamos
Founder Babybe. Specialist on Product innovation and creative processes. Master on Integral Studies of Design. Professor at U.Chile.
Raphael P.M. Lang
Co-Founder&CTO @BABYBE, Winner Fujitsu Design Award, TEDx Stuttgart Speaker, Advisor: Daimler, Roche Diagnostics, Trumpf, Now CTO@babybe
Lorena Marquez
Worked at @BABYBE

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