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Bringing AI-powered value to financial istitutions

What We're Building

A proprietary deep learning platform specifically built for financial problems, successful POCs in several fields, from credit risk to wealth management, from churn-rate prediction to fraud detection, and all clients’ benchmarks beaten, every time: Axyon AI brings deep learning and artificial intelligence to the heart of financial institutions.

Based in Italy, the company has strong ties with the University of Modena, European centre of excellence for artificial intelligence and deep learning. Axyon AI is backed by ING Bank and has valuable partnerships with NVidia and IBM.

Axyon AI currently sells two complete AI-powered products: SynFinance, for the syndicated loans market, and StocksAnalyst, for asset allocation.

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Jobs at Axyon AI

Axyon AI Team

Giacomo Barigazzi
Co-founder @DM Digital SRL Co-founder @Axyon AI
Jacopo Credi
Chief Scientist at Axyon AI. MSc Complex Systems (Warwick, Chalmers), BSc Physics.
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