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Awiros: Video Intelligence

Awidit Systems is a well-funded, highly tech driven startup focusing on developing embedded B2B products based on IoT, Video Analytics, and Big Data. We develop cutting-edge products and work on new and challenging ideas as a regular day-to-day job. Our tech is used in wide range of industries such as Retail, Surveillance and Advertising. Read More
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What We're Building

We build embedded and software products for shopper behavior analysis in retail stores.

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Jobs at Awidit Systems

Awidit Systems Team

Deepak Singh Rautela
Looking for Freelance projects in Javascript, Jquery, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap
shivank gupta
B.Tech in CSE,4th year. Like to do competitive programming. quick learner, determined.
Suman Saurabh
Converting Ideas into design and designs into experiences. I am currently building the next generation wellness experience for workplaces.
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