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Awaaz.De develops inclusive mobile solutions (with capabilities in IVR, SMS, mobile apps, and web) that enable organizations to achieve last-mile connectivity for social impact. We have worked in 23 Indian states, 6 different countries and count over 500,000 users. Read More

What We're Building

Awaaz.De lets semi- and disconnected communities communicate without the Internet, in local languages. Streams, Awaaz.De's group voice messaging application, delivers messages through regular phone calls. These voice broadcasts are interactive; group members can send responses (voice or touchtone) that the group owner accesses over the phone or web. Group members can discover and subscribe to any Stream, and forward messages to their own contacts. Awaaz.De offers three other voice-based products: Forums (for many-to-many communication like Q&A), Surveys (data collection), and Xact (personalized voice messaging API). These products have been used across the agriculture, health, education, and microfinance sectors in India by hundreds of social enterprises, foundations, media companies, SMEs, NGOs, government agencies and research groups. Till date, Awaaz.De has served over one million phone calls to over 400,000 unique callers in 13 Indian states and 5 countries.

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Open Positions


Neil Patel
CEO of @Awaaz.De. PhD in CS from @Stanford University, B.S. in CS and Bus. from Berkeley. Award-winning PhD research led to starting @Awaaz.De in India, a social enterprise
Tapan Parikh
Assistant Professor at UC @university-of-california-berkeley
Jon Katz
Product team lead for Wikipedia's core user experience (web & apps). Develop and drive platform strategy. Berkeley MBA, Undergrad in Behav Neuroscience, Yale.
Nikhil Navadiya
Full-Stack Engineer @Awaaz.De, Founder @coderthemes • Studied at @Daiict

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