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Avi Eyal
Seed Fund
Founded and exited 7 businesses over 15 yrs. now involved at a venture capital firm called Entreé Capital
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Acquired by Snapchat for $54M in 2014
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Acquired in 2019
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Avi has been consummately helpful, always opening up his network to us. He's experienced and super bright. I highly recommend working with him.
Avi truly puts the founder first. He inspires my team and I through his example and through the freedom and trust he puts in us. He is loyal through the highs and the lows which I find rare and admire him very much for it. We are lucky and grateful to work with Avi.
Avi is a "founders first" investor. He believes in entrepreneurs, he understands them and as an experienced one, he contributes great mentoring & advice whenever needed. We are lucky to have him at @YEVVO as a friend, as a mentor, as board director and in the end, as an investor.
Avi is a seed investor in @riskified; he proactively offers relevant help and intros from his broad network and personal experience. He has quickly followed up on every request we have had. Other then that he practices a hands off unless requested approach. Would highly recommend Avi as a value...more
Avi has invested in my start-up and I would definitely recommend him as an investor!

He is very fast to act, helps the companies he invested in and understands exactly what it takes to build a start up as he has been an entrepreneur himself in various companies.

Avi is also connected to top...more
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