Jobs at Automata

Bringing the next revolution to manufacturing:

It's the rare opportunity where if you do indeed replace yourself with a robot, you're rewarded, not fired :)

What We're Building

Automata is on a mission to bring the next revolution to manufacturing. We're starting by making robotic automation simple, affordable and ubiquitous. More here:

We're a young, London based robotics company with an exceptionally cool product that is on the next frontier of the technological revolution we're living through. This is what the future is going to be. Join us in making this future, don't just witness it.

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Jobs at Automata

Automata Team

Mostafa ElSayed
cofounder @Automata, working to democratize robotics, previously Lead Designer @ Zaha Hadid Architects & course tutor @ Architectural Association
karian lewis-king
Heading up all things 'Talent and People' at Automata - the next revolution in manufacturing - affordable and simple robotic automation.
Louis Brunner
Work at Automata. Experience with C++, Go and JavaScript. Went to Epitech and UCSD.
Ben Kandelaars
I am a skilled Front End Developer with a background in Social Work. I have several years of management experience developing addictions services.
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Automata Investors

Joe White MBE
GP Entrepreneur First, former co-founder Entrepreneur, angel investor, economist, father of 2, husband of 1

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