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Dev Ops Engineer at Authoritas

Greater London, United Kingdom, Twickenham, Remote · Full Time
Authoritas is a rapidly growing software business based in the UK with customers all over the world. We have built a world-class SEO and content marketing software platform that helps companies of all sizes get the best return from their websites. Read More
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Job Description

Authoritas is a rapidly growing software business based in the UK with customers all over the world. We have built a world-class SEO and content marketing software platform that helps companies of all sizes get the best return from their websites.

We are now looking for a good all-round Dev Ops engineer to work with our talented multi-cultural team in the UK, Poland and South Africa. There is the opportunity to work on a permanent basis from the head office in the UK (just outside central London) or to work remotely.

Does programming and managing huge and complex systems turn you on? Are you capable of masterminding our global infrastructure?

Do you want to work with a team of top-notch engineers that are striving to build a world-class online marketing platform powered by the best technical solution possible?

Do you want to work in an established start-up environment where your talents are highly valued and rewarded (did someone say decent package plus equity?) and the opportunity to make a name for yourself is real.

If you can answer with an emphatic 'Yes!' then please, apply right now! (Well, actually, please take a look through the job specs, then get in touch).

We're looking for an experienced Linux systems administrator/programmer with scalability, business continuity and troubleshooting experience in a wide variety of businesses. We're busy collecting and analysing huge amounts of marketing data for our international clients, so we need someone with experience of:

- Server configuration and performance tuning
- Systems monitoring – experience of Zabbix
- Scripting languages - Bash and Python
- Designing, building and maintaining distributed architectures
- Automated system provisioning (e.g. Ansible (preferable), Chef)
- Deep understanding of networking deployment, operations and troubleshooting, particularly TCP/IP
- Security best practices – penetration testing, PCI compliance
- Routine housekeeping
- Operations automation (e.g. Log file aggregation, error reporting)
- Experience of MySQL and NoSQL databases – ideally ElasticSearch and/or Cassandra

A keen interest or passion for SEO would clearly be advantageous (but is not essential)!

Reporting in to the Tech Lead you will be part of an integrated dev/ops team, which means you will be able to contribute to the future system architecture, help to develop operational processes, and input into the technical direction of the business. As such, you will:

- Want to build great software (not just good software)
- Be eager to implement your own processes and procedures, not just follow someone else's
- Be responsible for keeping the production environment up and running 24x7x365
- Be able to write code in at least one of Python, Java, shell scripts or C++

Skills & Requirements

You will probably have the following qualifications and skills:

- At least 5 years of managing business-critical distributed Linux systems
- A degree in Computer Science (or an alternative degree with relevant experience)
- Excellent problem solving, creative thinking and self-motivation skills
- Analytical and detail oriented
- Able to prioritize, execute and deliver projects on time
- Experience in delivering significant end user performance improvements
- Willing to travel internationally if the occasion arises

About Authoritas

We appreciate a person with your kind of talents has got the pick of many an employer! But we’re not looking for employees; we’re looking for like-minded, fun-loving, hard working and inspirational contributors to our team. Like any software company, we think we’re innovative, dynamic and all those other clichés!

But more importantly, we want to build an open and honest culture, where the work we do is world-class but where we never feel like we’re going to work.
Authoritas is based in London and is in the process of expanding its engineering team in multiple locations. We've spent the last ten years building our SEO and Content Marketing platform, and are committed to making it the best in the world.

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What We're Building

SEO & Content Marketing have evolved. It's not about keyword ranking and links anymore!

Search engines have evolved and are using the latest machine learning techniques to deliver better results for their users. Now you can use similarly advanced techniques to deliver better results for your website(s).

With our cloud-based sofwtare platform you can:

* Use advanced data-science and machine learning techniques to analyse your whole market and discover how Google clusters related sites, pages and content in your marketplace.

* Automatically support your content marketing strategy by identifying and prioritising the right content marketing initiatives for your website(s).

* Benchmark your organic Market Share and set a strategy that will out-perform the market!

* Generate a better ROI on the efforts of your editorial, content marketing and SEO teams by focusing your efforts in the areas that will generate the best return.

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