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The augmented reality platform that drives sales & engagement

Augment is an augmented reality platform that allows users to envision any object within any real-world environment, all through a simple mobile app. Augment’s open platform software makes it possible to upload, share and visualize 3D models in the real world and in real time, at scale. We are the leader in the industry, with one of the most downloaded Augmented Reality app available, we are in the top 1% of the market, boasting more than 2 million app downloads and 10,000 active users on the platform daily, in more than 200 countries. Augment is the best rated augmented reality app on the App Store and Google Play. We maintain a global presence with offices in Paris, France, New York and Orlando in the US. We have already partnered with major retail, hospitality and manufacturing companies including Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Accor Hotels, Engie, and Siemens.

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What We're Building

Bring your products to life in augmented reality. Simulate your 3D product models in real world, real size and real time. Create amazing interactive print experiences or empower your sales team with the most effective sales aid. Download Augment for free on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Simulate 3D product models in Augmented Reality.
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Augment Team

Jean-François Chianetta
Founder and CEO of Augment, mechanical engineer with 5 years in the MEMS software industry,founded @Augment to bring value to the world using Augmented Reality.
Mickaël Jordan
Co-founder of Augment, a leading AR platform
Jennifer Shin
From science nonprofits to 3D printing to augmented reality.
Lindsay Boyajian
CMO of Augment
Quentin Nio
Jenkins Architect End User Automated Test (Android & iOS) Build Engineering
Michael Bellanti
Business Development Consultant at Clay VR, Keys Accounts Executive North America at Augment, Global Director of Sales at Augment, Director of Sales at KidoZen
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