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Putting Wearables to Work in Enterprise

Businesses and their employees are stuck, held in place by processes that have changed little  since the Industrial Revolution. Read More
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What We're Building

Augmate’s Wearable Environment Platform enables enterprise IT professionals, solutions providers, and hardware manufacturers to efficiently manage fleets of wearables. For example, our solution provides the tools to install apps, analyze sensor data, and configure security, wifi, and hardware settings for any number of wearables—all possible within minutes with Augmate.

- Our solution is both cloud based (AWS) and on-prem (Intel IoT gateway).
- Over the Air (OTA) system level updates allows for remote management of devices.
- We are smart glass device agnostic and work with dozens of solution providers.
- We have 25 enterprise level security features including remote device lock, device tracking, & device data wipes.
- Geo-fencing and beacon work-zones provide additional security features and auto app launching capabilities.

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Pete Wassell
Startup Entrepreneur, Chief Dream Weaver, Visionary, Imagineer, and Futurist. The revolution will be augmented!
Victor Kaiser-Pendergrast
Student at Rutgers and mobile application developer. Founder @DriveSafe
Michelle Krogmeier
A season product manager with expertise in UX/UI and brand. She has over a decade experience working in both in management consulting, healthcare and wearables.
Jack Murphy
Startup product & software engineering with full stack development and UI/UXbackground. Specializing in client architecture for interactive applications.
Francisco Rodriguez
RIT CE, do best in implementing Computer Vision and Machine Learning from prototype to production software. Knows just enough in frontend/ backend/ and DevOps.
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Our Investors

Jimmy Vosika
Angel Investor and Founder, 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year for Distribution Upper Midwest.
Michael Beller
General Partner, CoVenture
Martin Babinec
Entrepreneur-Startup Investor-Venture Catalyst. Founder/Director at TriNet, UpVentures, Upstate Venture Connect, IntroNet & StartFast Venture Accelerator
Christine Tate
Upstate NY Startup Enthusiast The deals and the magic are here! (yes... in Upstate NY)
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