Jobs at Audivity

We convert blog posts to podcasts using technology

A self-made international team of hackers & hustlers came together to build a demanded tool that converts blog posts into professionally narrated podcasts. We marry the art of storytelling with technology to empower content creators to share their stories in audio. The only thing we love more than building software and crafting audio stories is bringing publishers new audiences, and making them money. We have hearts & smarts to lead the booming digital audio market.

What We're Building

We empower content creators by providing comprehensive content conversion software specializing in the art of storytelling. Via Audivity content creators and media outlets can upload written articles and receive curated high-quality narrative or podcast under two hours and at a fraction of the average cost. Our software automates scripting, voice-over, editing, publishing, and analytics so creators can focus on great content and higher engagement.

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Jobs at Audivity

Audivity Team

Eduard Gomberg
Founder @Audivity, and Born in a family of serial entrepreneurs in Russia. Authentic Adventurer with hacker mindset and animal ambition.
Nourdine Alouane
Full stack developer(Angular/Php), AWS architect expert and High traffic expert
Lawrence Rashid
Lived and worked in over 7 countries. Economics graduate. Motivated by a challenge.
Steven Horkey
University of Arizona Cognitive & Computer Science Student - Full Stack Web Developer
Sophia Lanman
Producer of podcasts Miss Mitzvah and Startup Handmedowns. Worked as a freelance producer and music coach. Went to McGill University, Manhattan School Of Music.

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