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One because that’s exactly how many designs we make.
Rather than creating a bunch of different things and forcing you to make all the decisions, we are decisive. We are focused. We put all our best ideas in one place. This. One. Shoe.

Only because it’s the only shoe you need. The simple styling works for working, walking, doing nothing, the weekend, traveling, whatever. + Atoms are the only sneaker that comes in 1/4 sizes which make them the only sneakers you’ll ever want to wear.

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Jobs at Atoms

Atoms Team

Waqas Ali
making some shoes and friends
Andrew Ettinger
• PMM @Twitter • Previously @Product Hunt • Two-time @University of Florida Grad • @Ironhack Web Dev Grad

Atoms Investors

Aatif Awan
Sabbatical. Board member @ Atoms. Ex VP Growth @ LinkedIn. Advising and investing in consumer startups

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