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Building a personal search engine that will disrupt the industry

We are a well-funded startup that Seattle Business Magazine highlighted as one of the“Best Places to Work” in 2015 (under the name of our innovation studio, "Ivy Softworks").

We have an open and collaborative environment that allows our team to grow and thrive as individuals and collectively achieve our goals. We believe in investing in each other and providing the tools needed to grow both professionally and personally.

Our team is exceptional and includes several industry veterans. Our CEO is Jordan Ritter (co-founder of Napster), Mark Zbikowski came out of retirement to provide technical vision (he wrote the original lines of code for Microsoft Cairo and DOS), and Matthew Holloway (Shutterfly, Apple) leads design.

We are creating a personal search engine and the technical challenges are vast. First of all, it will be completely cross-platform. Second, it needs to be intuitive and brilliant, incorporating heavy machine learning to make the platform functional. Third is scale, a completely cross-platform consumer product neglects no users, everyone will have equal access. Fourth is security and privacy, we know that the platform collects personal data and we are taking every measure to protect it.

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What We're Building

Atlas Recall is your personal search engine and effortless way to instantly find your digital stuff - no matter where it lives. By putting you in control of your data, Recall makes it easy to locate, organize and share whatever information is important to you.

With one search, Recall spans across devices, pulling data and information from the apps, web pages, files, documents and more that you use regularly. Recall also uses context including date, time, location, topic, and type of document, to create a unified, view of your stuff. Your search results are then displayed in an easy to digest, visual format that makes it easy for you to comprehend your search results and find exactly what you need anytime, anywhere.

Atlas Recall will save you time, hassle, and heartache while redefining “search” as we know it.

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Open Positions


Mark Zbikowski
Software guy
Evan Seguirant
Head of Recruiting at @Atlas Informatics. Building a team of technical innovators. Proud graduate of the @University of Washington who never stopped learning.
Nick Petrus
Full-stack engineer with 5+ years experience in n-tier service oriented architecture for Java (AWS) and Microsoft stacks
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