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Atlantic Labs is a leading active angel investor in the Berlin, the fastest growing European tech ecosystem, with a 10+ year track record of being the lead seed investor for truly innovative tech companies such as Soundcloud or EyeEm.


We do not typically syndicate our deal, but may do so an adhoc basis if asked to by the founder (i.e. to bring in specific active angels and to increase the round size)

Marc-Olivier Luecke
Worked at @atlantic-labs
Christophe Maire
Founder @atlantic-labs
Jens-Philipp Klein
Managing Partner
Managing Partner at Atlantic Labs, Early Stage Investment Firm based in Berlin
Daniel Niemi
Former Principal at Atlantic Labs, a leading seed investor in Berlin. BoD/active with BEAT81 (Berlin), Picterra (Lausanne) and Breakthrough (Berlin)
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Christophe, as a visionary investor, perfectly fits and understands our product & vision since day 1.
Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer
For Christophe Maire's investment at Jodel
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