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Astro Technology

User Support Representative at Astro Technology

Palo Alto, Remote · Contract
At Astro we're on a mission to enable people and teams to focus on what’s most important by bringing intelligence to workplace communication. Read More
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Job Description


This role involves interacting with our users via our customer support tool (Intercom), providing information about our features, troubleshooting technical issues, and recording information related to bugs in our issue-tracking system (JIRA).

This person will report to our Marketing and Operations Manager, and will also interact with our VP Marketing and our CEO.

In the initial few weeks there would be some ramp-up and training to understand the fundamentals of our product, how we use the couple of relevant online tools, and our ‘voice'.

We're looking for someone to work with us part-time, at least for the next few months, but possibly indefinitely. Ideally, the candidate would be available 1-3 hours per weekday (including during the December holidays).

Previous customer support experience preferred, but not required.

We'd prefer a candidate in the Bay Area who we could bring to our Palo Alto office for initial training, but we're also open to remote candidates.

This job could be not only an interesting way to earn money with a flexible schedule, but also provide a step up if you think you'll be interested in the future in fulltime employment in the Bay Area or the technology industry.

Pay is $20-22/hour, depending on experience.

PS: We're an end-user app, so we expect applicants to try it before contacting us. You can download our app here:

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What We're Building

Astro is bringing AI to workplace communications. We launched intelligent email apps in 2017, earning widespread acclaim from users and reviewers. For example recently we’ve won Product Hunt’s Mobile App of the Year; been featured in in Slack’s list of Essential Apps for Productivity; in Mashable’s & MacRumors’ lists of Top Apps of 2017, in the Wall Street Journal; in the technical blogs of Slack, and of AWS’ Machine Learning team; and as among the top-rated enterprise apps in the iOS App Store; and atop the Google Play Store homepage.

Astro apps for iOS & Mac
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Astro Technology Team

Andy Pflaum
Founder @Astro Technology • Worked at @Zimbra, @VMware
Roland Schemers
Founder at Astro Technology Labs, Mumbo, Zimbra
Ross Dargahi
Co-founder Astro Technology, Zimbra, Mumbo, Principal Volt Ventures
Vishwesh Jirgale
LinkedIn Profile -
Anthony Lee
Currently Android @Astro Technology . Formerly Android TLM @Google • Founder @Spotivate • Worked @Zimbra@University of Waterloo • AngelPad Spring 2012
Aashay Mody
Marketing & Growth @Astro Technology
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