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Astro Technology (acquired by Slack)

Senior/Staff Server Engineer at Astro Technology (acquired by Slack)

Palo Alto · Full Time
At Astro we're on a mission to enable people and teams to focus on what’s most important by bringing intelligence to workplace communication. Read More
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Job Description

We seek a senior server engineering team member, experienced in Java, with a broad range of backend skills, including ideally expertise or interest in search, data science, sync or messaging technologies.

Example responsibilities might include:
- Build high performance, reliable & scalable features to be deployed to millions of users
- Design & implement algorithms for prioritization of information based on relevance to individual users of our apps
- Develop & publish APIs for integrating our application with 3rd party apps
- Develop & implement tests for ensuring the quality, performance & scalability of our application
- Investigate & develop implementations of AI into our apps

Relevant skills & experience would include some or all of the following:
- Strong command of computer science fundamentals including programming languages, data structures and algorithms
- 2+ years of industry experience
- Amazon Web Services eco-system: EC2, S3, RDS, DynamoDB
- Strong engineering and coding skills. Experience in Java, C++, Python, Scala or other equivalent languages.
- Experience with MapReduce, Spark and Hive a plus.
- Strong industry experience in architecture and development of scalable production quality backend systems
- Good understanding of distributed systems, data stores, data modeling, indexing and associated trade-offs
- A very high commitment to quality, collaboration with colleagues, and conveying a positive attitude
- As a first step in our process, we ask you to take a 90 minutes HackerRank coding exercise

The startups in which we've been co-founders and founding engineers have had several successful outcomes, such as multiple acquisitions ranging from $100M to $850M. Along with those startups (or as a result of them) we've also worked at Google, VMware, LinkedIn, Cisco, and Stanford University.

As a company, we run lean (although we provide top-notch healthcare, and a couple other interesting benefits), to ensure we have plenty of runway to achieve our ambitions, and nearly every dollar we spend goes into (a) hiring & compensating great people, and (b) ensuring we have the software & hardware to be productive & satisfied in our work.

Our expectation is that anyone joining us now as a senior engineer would in the future be a founder/co-founder of her or his own company.

The sponsoring partner who led our A Round, Satish Dharmaraj of Redpoint Ventures, is also a successful founder (having founded and sold an enterprise software company for $350M) an accomplished engineering leader, and passionately engaged in our vision.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and welcome applicants of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

PS: you can download our iOS app from the iOS App Store at, our Mac app from our homepage,, and our Android app from

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What We're Building

Astro has been acquired by Slack! We’ve shut down our Astro apps as of October 10, 2018, but you can find us over at Slack making email and channels work better together. For more information, please visit

Astro apps for iOS & Mac
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Astro Technology (acquired by Slack) Team

Roland Schemers
Founder at Astro Technology Labs, Mumbo, Zimbra
Ross Dargahi
Co-founder Astro Technology, Zimbra, Mumbo, Principal Volt Ventures
Anthony Lee
Currently Android @Astro Technology (acquired by Slack) . Formerly Android TLM @Google • Founder @Spotivate • Worked @Zimbra@University of Waterloo • AngelPad Spring 2012
Zach Buechler
Passionate problem solver with a creative edge. Health, education, and the intersection of tech in our lives. Experience shipping IoT, wearables, iOS, Android.
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