Work at Astronomer

Helping organizations extract hard-to-reach data

We're having a lot of fun helping organizations of all sizes put their data to work. We're also building an exciting, modern data engineering platform. We're excited to be building a great company in the great startup city of Cincinnati.

What We're Building

* Hosted data pipeline service that can be used to connect any data source to any destination
* Allows for complete customizability along any stage of the data pipeline
* We act as data engineering advisor
* No complicated technology changeover process required

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Open Positions


Tim Brunk
Founder/Data @Astronomer Founder @Cladwell Hedge Fund Analyst
Ry Walker
Founder/CEO @Astronomer • Founder @Differential • Invests at @Midwest Technology by
Sam McFarland
Strategic problem-solver with a passion for leveraging big data to optimize organizational decision making and deliver superior results.
Viraj Parekh
Boston College student with semi-technical background with experience at an investment bank, at a start up private equity search fund, and a hedge fund.
R. Brad Kirn
outdoors. boats. music. startups. great times. bbn. simplicity.
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Our Investors

Thomas Korte
Now: Founder of @AngelPad, Before: @Google Product Manager. Investor in 150 companies -
Morris Wheeler
Entrepreneur and Seed Investor. Named Top 50 Seed investors by CBInsights. 1st Internet Exit in 2000. As CEO guided Public Company growth and exit in 2008.
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