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What We're Building

Video > text. That's what Whale is all about—feeding your curiosity with bite-sized videos. Whether you have questions to ask or insights to share, Whale is the perfect app for you. But posting is just the start. You can discover and watch amazing stories from gamers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more.

We believe that everyone is naturally curious. That's why we've created the simplest way to ask a question with text and get an answer on video.

* Swipe right on questions you want your favorite celebs to answer.
* Watch fun & interesting videos—they're short, authentic, and super engaging!
* Ask celebs and experts who are normally hard to reach anything.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Jobs at Whale

Whale Team

Justin Kan
Co-founder of Atrium LTS and @Whale. Founded @Exec and @Justin.tv. Partner at Y Combinator.
James Zhang
co-founder & cto @Whale
Ranidu Lankage
CEO @Whale Sri Lankan musician/DJ and X-Googler.
Vicc Alexander
Co-Founder at Whale. Writer for iOS Dev Weekly. Studied at UC Berkeley.

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