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Formulation Engineer at Arylla

Kitchener · Full Time

We're building a technology framework to support the future of fashion and luxury, where consumption is circular and the provenance of every product can be verified with the click of a button. Our first step is to eliminate fraud by increasing product traceability after point of sale.

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Job Description

We're looking for a talented Chemist or Nanotechnology Engineer to work alongside our Head of Product Development to improve Arylla's core nanoparticle ink technology. This person will play an active role in creating Arylla’s long term R&D strategy by developing inks with improved performance and managing projects with multiple researchers/collaborators. The candidate must have experience with wet chemistry techniques and nanoparticle synthesis, as well as exceptional adaptability and interpersonal skills.

The ideal candidate has:

-At least two years of independent research experience
-Published research in the field of nanoparticle synthesis, organic chemistry, or surface functionalization
-Experience developing and prototyping science based product
-Strong interest in entrepreneurship and bringing new innovations to market
-Previously managed complex and multi disciplinary projects with long term roadmaps
-Ability to prioritize independently
-Some industry R&D experience

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What We're Building

We've created an entirely new product traceability solution. Instead of implanting electronic tags, we print invisible serial numbers onto products that can be read with a smartphone app (no special hardware required). The serial numbers remain on the product for the duration of its life, providing every product a unique and permanent identity. Our solution is particularly well suited for products that are incompatible with alternatives like NFC, including ready to wear, accessories, and small leather goods.

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