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I'm passionate about Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning(DL) and would like to back startups that either have a top notch team or product idea in this space. My goal is to back startups that are trying to provide AI/ML/DL based software that increase productivity for an individual or for companies.


I've been researching and studying startups that go through Bay Area Incubators and Accelerators and keep track of those I think matches our criteria.

Harbinder Sikka
A born leader and savvy manager with great relationship-building skills. An Angel Investor with early-stage startups in the area of Deep Learning and AI.
Cap Ven
We invest in early-stage startups and arrange financing for growth companies.
Matt Dorband
Director of Sales & Marketing at AMI Asset Management Los Angeles-based public equity fundraiser with an insight into institutional investment due diligence
Mike Jarmuz
NYC . Entrepreneur . Private Equity . Real Estate Investor . Marketing Guru . Bitcoin Evangelist. Medical Professional . Conference Organizer . Restaurateur
XIA Capital
XIA Capital is an American firm focused on early stage investing in global technologies. http://www.xiacapital.com/
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