Jobs at Arthena

Invest in Art Online (YC W17)

Arthena is a YC W‘17 company that quantitatively analyzes and prices art to create financial products for the art market. We’re passionate about using data to understand the drivers of the opaque, centuries-old art market. Our tight-knit team is comprised of engineers, data scientists, and fine art experts working together at the intersection of art, finance, and technology. We value intellectual curiosity, creative idea generation, and close collaboration.

Jobs at Arthena

Arthena Team

Madelaine D'Angelo
Founder @Arthena • Specializes in Art+Tech and Art Data Analysis • @AngelPad 7 • @Guggenheim Museum@Smithsonian Institution • Studied @Harvard University
Michael D'Angelo
Co-founder @Arthena • Worked at @Facebook @Planet @Planetary Resources • Studied @Stanford University • Open to unique opportunities.
Basil Vetas
Current @Arthena Past @J.P. Morgan @Qualtrics Columbia Engineering
Sophie McNeill
Chief of Staff at @Arthena. Studied @ElonUniversity.
Adrian Wisernig
A perpetually curious person fascinated by code and culture.
Charlotte Michailidis
Worked at Arthena, The Boston Consulting Group

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Arthena Investors

Jonathan Ehrlich
Partner at Foundation Capital.
Benjamin Haun
Early-Stage Investor, Founder @Incendium Capital Group, full nerd, Trader, Mechanical Engineer and Designer
Carman Chan
Founder and managing partner of Click Ventures, Angel, serial entrepreneur/3 exits/1 failure, Tech Columnist, best selling books author, property investor
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