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We make software deployments boring... and fast, with Armory Spinnaker. More at . Longer term, we're helping people build better software: Read More
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What We're Building

Armory's immediate focus is to make deployments boring, fast and continuous so companies can deploy software in the background without downtime or errors.  We’re commercializing Spinnaker (Netflix's OSS next-gen immutable infrastructure CD platform that enables blue/green deploys, canaries & rollbacks) so it “just works” for the enterprise by injecting safety, velocity, intelligence, auditing and compliance into the software deployment process.  Dig in at

Our long-term vision is to advance the Software Revolution helping anyone ship better software. More at

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Andrew Backes, Senior Engineer (and loving it)
Armory Tribe Halloween Event
I love that we provide a companion airline ticket to anyone we send on company business. Bring your spouse or family and make a weekend out of it! It showcases our commitment to the important people in our lives that enable us to create a successful startup.
Another pic of our first office in San Mateo
Our first office: A converted garage in San Mateo, CA
Daniel "Call me DROdio" Odio, CEO
Ben "No Facts Inside The Building" Mappen, Chief Product Officer
Armory Tribe excursion!
Isaac "AHAHAHAHA" Mosquera, CTO
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Open Positions


Daniel R. Odio
CEO at @Armory: Trust Your Deployments. Founder + exits @Socialize, @AppMakr, @PointAbout • Worked at @ShareThis, @GE
Isaac Mosquera
Lets build something amazing together.
Ben Mappen
Product leader with background in adtech, data, and lean startup methodologies.
Isaac A. Mosquera
CTO & Founder of @Armory: We make deployments boring... and fast. @Socialize (exit) @AppMakr (exit) @ShareThis. Let's build something amazing together.
Mike Rowehl
17th level Hacker
Andrew Backes
UCLA M.A./B.S. - Mathematics; Full Stack Generalist; Business experience from ExxonMobil.

Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What makes Armory a unique place to work at?
We're solving a unique problem around software delivery, and we're all really passionate about how software will change the way people interact with each other and with companies over the next decade. Learn more at
Daniel R. Odio
CEO at Armory since 2016
What are some of the toughest engineering problems Armory is facing now?
Spinnaker, a CD platform open sourced by Netflix in November of 2015, is very powerful, and also very hard to set up and configure. One example is hitting AWS rate limits when using Spinnaker at scale: We're working to make Spinnaker bulletproof for the enterprise.
Daniel R. Odio
CEO at Armory since 2016
What is your office environment like?
Life at Armory is awesome! We have a strong Tribal culture. We provide great perks, like paying for a companion airfare ticket whenever we send you on Armory travel (bring your spouse or family and make a weekend out of it!) We believe in compensation equality and transparency, regardless of gender. Everyone at Armory is on a base+variable comp plan to align our interests to the company's success. Lots more detail at
Daniel R. Odio
CEO at Armory since 2016

Our Investors

Tikhon Bernstam
Founder/CEO of @Parse (acquired by FB for $85M). Founder @Scribd. Angel Investor - Cruise (exit 1B+), Reddit, LendUp, Gusto, Tilt, Checkr, Optimizely, 70 more
Brian McClendon
Co-founder @Keyhole, VP @Google, VP @Uber
Evan Cheng
Director of Engineering @Facebook, previously @Apple. Knows a thing or two about developer tools. Active investor in tools, infrastructure, enterprise SW.
Itamar Novick
Chief Business Officer @Life360, Early stage investor and advisor. Previously VC at @Morgenthaler Ventures, Venture Partner at @UpWest Labs.
Shawn Kung
Product @Aster Data Systems($300M exit);@The Angels Forum;Founder @LucidCloudAdv;@Fitz Gate Ventures;Board @UC Santa Cruz; VP @Micron Technology
Wei Guo
very very active investor.
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