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We're building the most personal, efficient and fun way for women to get dressed every day. Our team is equal parts MIT-backed researchers, Nordstrom-vetted stylists, savvy markets, and operations specialists. Join our team to accelerate your career and help women to amplify their personal style.

What We're Building

Sometimes it's hard to find clothes that keep up with your busy life. Our solution: rent four curated pieces for $149/month, delivered straight to your door. Exchange them for new styles of high-end items whenever you’re ready. The result: you get the polished style your life requires, without any of the time or effort.

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Ambika Singh
Tech, travel, food, fashion, people, dogs, finding customers on the internets, sun in Seattle.
Brittany Seabaugh
Life hacking the busy boss lady's fashion search for her Monday - Sunday needs. Investors

Jesse Draper
Jesse Draper is founding partner of Halogen Ventures - an early stage venture fund focused on female founded consumer technologies.
Geoff Harris
Fund Manager, Seattle Angel Conference VII. Member - Alliance of Angels

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