Armando Biondi

Co-founder @Pick1 + 4 more non-tech companies before. Resilient mind, team leader, organizational focus, fast learner. Also, former Radio Speaker.

Confirmed Investments · Invests $1k-$10k per deal
What I Do

My super-powers are: fundraising, operations, team mgmt, biz dev. I specialized in the start-up phase by being directly involved as co-founder and COO in 6 different tech/non-tech companies, most of them still active. I also served as a Mentor/Advisor for more than 15 companies and as a Board Member


Organized a 2000 people weekend-long event related to RPG, managing a team of 5 for 6 months at 21 years. There, I learned that passion is the most powerful driver.

Was one of the Top5 physiotherapists of the most important Sport Rehab Network of Italy at 26 years. There, I learned that real improvement is painful and takes time.

Wanted to be a radio speaker and became one, going on-air on two national Radio Networks at 32 years. There, I learned how much of a difference a single second makes.

Went on to found my first tech startup, which is now part of the most active accelerator worldwide: 500Startups. There, I learned that revenue is the ultimate measure for value.

I like to pay forward and have fun doing some angel investing. I love to learn new things, I accept to suck until I become good, and don't stop until I'm awesome.

What I'm Looking For
Omri Amirav-Drory
Founder & CEO of @genome-compiler Corp (GCC). Postdoc, Brunger Laboratory, @HHMI & @stanford University, School of Medicine.