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San Francisco · Full Time
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Job Description

We are a custom product packaging solution that makes it easy for companies to source packaging and allow their brands to shine in the competitive space of e-commerce.

We are a startup revolutionizing the old packaging industry, where things have been pen and paper for ages. The market for our industry is one of the biggest that exists - $650 billion worldwide is spent every year on packaging alone (every product sold everywhere needs to be packaged)!

The 3D Web Engineer role at Arka will be responsible for building the tools that allow entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses to build their unboxing experience. This is a startup role that will require resourcefulness and a willingness to learn.

Work with the team to develop long-term strategy and short-term tactics of our product offerings
Develop the core 3D applications, including VR and AR support
Refine the current product and features based on data, and user testing
Explore new technologies and push what the platforms are capable of, sometimes by contributing back to open-source
Work with the rest of the Web team to ensure good integrations into the rest of the product
Build a reusable component model that can be extended and used in many different applications and mediums

Experience using Three.js professionally, in your own projects, or as part of open source work
3+ years of 3D programming experience
Strong background in 3D geometry
Track record of owning and delivering difficult technical projects


3D design experience
3+ years of web development experience
2+ years of Three.js experience
Experience working with A-Frame
Experience with Angular/React or another JS framework
Game studio experience
Startup experience
Bachelors or Masters in CS or a related degree

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What We're Building

Arka is the pain-free way for companies to source custom product packaging and fulfillment online.

We are the software that powers the $850B packaging industry!

We provide packaging for any E-commerce or direct-to-consumer business. We're already serving over 2000 companies across 1000 cities

We enable companies to order packaging jobs with just a few clicks. We handle all proofing and production - and we reduce the turnaround time from the usual weeks to just days.

We create a network of the worlds BEST package manufacturers and fulfillment centers then put a wrapper around their services on behalf of the customer.

We have nearly tripled our year-over-year revenues, and we are PROFITABLE. Planting our flag as the first packaging solution for Shopify sellers, and on path to take on Etsy next.

Every physical product you buy needs packaging, we're the ones who create that packaging.

Mayor of AL visits Arka Offices!
SF Office
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Arka Team

Phillip Akhzar
@500 Startups @Y Combinator @Cal Poly SLO Sourced domestically for @Boeing and internationally for @iCracked. Now building for @Arka
Vincent Barilla
Arka Inc's full-stack software engineer. JavaScript mastery with Node, Express, MongoDB, React, Angular.
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What is your office environment like?
So effing nice. It's always lighted well. We don't even turn on lights because of the natural lighting. Check out the photos you can see the office. Come by whenever.
Phillip Akhzar
Founder at Arka
What makes Arka a unique place to work at?
The people. And the size of the industry, how many companies have you worked for that have an industry value of nearly $1T?!
Phillip Akhzar
Founder at Arka

Arka Investors

Saad AlSogair
Investing in what matters, not in what's predictable. Over 250 investments on @AngelList ~ Raise $50,000 to $50 million: Get funded here
Steven Chang
Robert C. and Jeannette Powell Professor of Neurosurgery, Stanford Univeristy
Rolf Mathies
Co-founder of ConAction AG & @Earlybird Venture Capital, worked @Bain & Company, @IBM. Essentialist.
Brandon Calder
Co-Founder @WATCHR Media, Online Media, E-Commerce & Technology Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor
Shane Adams
Founder & Managing Partner, SLA Ventures Founder & CEO, Sagacious Consultants (acq. by Accenture in 2015)
Jason Cahill
Managing Director @McCuneCapital, Founder (@Traansmission), Angel Investor, Outdoor Enthusiast, 3x Army Combat Vet
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